The International Conference on Deep Learning and Machine Learning in Emerging Applications (DEEP-ML 2019)
26-28 August 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

Keynote and Industry Talks

Keynote: Data Security and Privacy in Emerging Scenarios

Prof. Pierangela Samarati

Universita` degli Studi di Milano


The rapid advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been greatly changing our society, with clear societal and economic benefits. Mobile technology, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of things, services and technologies that are becoming more and more pervasive and conveniently accessible, towards to the realization of a 'smart' society’. At the heart of this evolution is the ability to collect, analyze, process and share an ever increasing amount of data, to extract knowledge for offering personalized and advanced services. A major concern, and potential obstacle, towards the full realization of such evolution is represented by security and privacy issues. As a matter of fact, the (actual or perceived) loss of control over data and potential compromise of their confidentiality can have a strong detrimental impact on the realization of an open framework for enabling collection, processing, and sharing of data, typically stored or processed by external cloud services. In this talk, I will illustrate some security and privacy issues arising in emerging scenarios, focusing in particular on the problem of managing data while guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity of data stored or processed by external providers.


Pierangela Samarati is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Universita` degli Studi di Milano, Italy. Her main research interests are on data and applications security and privacy, especially in emerging scenarios. She has participated in several projects involving different aspects of information protection. On these topics, she has published more than 270 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters. She has been Computer Scientist in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI, CA (USA). She has been a visiting researcher at the Computer Science Department of Stanford University, CA (USA), and at the Center for Secure Information Systems of George Mason University, VA (USA). She is the chair of the IEEE Systems Council Technical Committee on Security and Privacy in Complex Information Systems (TCSPCIS), of the ERCIM Security and Trust Management Working Group (STM), and of the ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES). She is a member of several steering committees. She is ACM Distinguished Scientist (named 2009) and IEEE Fellow (named 2012). She has received the ESORICS Outstanding Research Award (2018), the IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award (2016), the IFIP WG 11.3 Outstanding Research Contributions Award (2012), and the IFIP TC11 Kristian Beckman Award (2008). She has served as General Chair, Program Chair, and program committee member of several international conferences and workshops.

Industry Talk 1: Digital Health

Dr. Soumya Kanti Datta

Research Engineer at EURECOM


This talk will focus on Digitalisation in the healthcare industry. Soumya will highlight the challenges of daily activity monitoring of elderly people for active and healthy aging. The physical activities recognized are further used to provide coaching (e.g. improving lifestyle, reducing stress) to the users. He will also present of a GDPR compliant privacy aware data processing framework.


Soumya is a research engineer in EURECOM, France. He has a number of years of R&D experiences on IoT, Cybersecurity, and Standardization. He has previously contributed to French national, EIT Digital, and EU H2020 research projects. He has published 80+ research papers and articles in top ACM and IEEE publications. He leads the activities of IEEE CE Society Future Directions Team on IoT and is an Associate Editor in IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. Soumya is also the recipient of several awards for his IoT research and leadership from IEEE GCCE 2015 (Japan), IEEE ISCE 2017 (Malaysia), IEEE Tensymp 2018 (Australia), and IEEE ICII 2018 (USA). He is a Senior Member of IEEE and regularly delivers Keynote and Tutorial speeches in international technical and business conferences. He is also involved in W3C Web of Things (WoT) Working Group for WoT standard development activities. He obtained an M.Sc. in Communications and Computer Security from Telecom ParisTech (EURECOM), France.

Industry Talk 2: Modularity as a support for frugal product and supplier network co-definition under regional market constraints

Gökhan Büyükdığan and Osman Er

Arçelik A.S.


Creating new products or adapting existing ones to fit with specific customer requirements from regional as well as emerging markets is a challenging issue for competitive companies that work to maintain acceptable market share rates. Besides the importance of providing original solutions tailored to the target market characteristics, companies should consider their production strategy as a key factor for reaching frugality objectives under regional constraints. The co-evolution of product and production network aims to provide a concurrent design and management of product architecture, local production systems, and OEM–suppliers relationships. This talk will discuss about a modular-based approach -- for mirroring hypothesis for supporting the co-definition of product structure and supplier network. Supplier selection and evaluation method for frugal innovation perspective is proposed as a key part of the proposed approach and applied in an industrial use case for validation.


Gökhan Büyükdığan (BSc. Industrial Engineering Bilkent University, MBA Koç University) is currently working as Investment Manager Production Technologies Directorate in Arçelik. Mr. Büyükdığan has a significant expertise in production technologies and automation. From 2017-2019 he worked as an Industrial Engineering Team Leader in Production Technologies & Industry 4.0 Directorate, as a Team Leader for Production Technologies & Automation and Team Leader for Assembly Lines & Maintenance in Arçelik Washing Machine Plant between 2007 to 2011. His interests include Factory of the Future with 4.0 Solutions, Predictive Maintenance, Reliability, Theory of Constraints, Material Handling Systems, Integrated Factory and Automation, Manufacturing Management Systems Development, ICT, Digital Factory, Simulation, TPM (LEAN) Supervision.

Osman Er is working as Automation Engineer in Arçelik A.Ş. He also worked as an Automation Project Engineer in Vestel Home Appliances. He has experience in industrial automation, robotics and data acquisition from production systems.

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