ABB 2024
The 5th Joint International Conference on AI, Big Data and Blockchain

Hybrid Event, Vienna, Austria
19-21 Aug 2024

ABB 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the associated machine & deep learning models, methods, tools and techniques have increasingly been used for developing autonomous and intelligent systems which can revolutionize industrial and commercial applications in various fields such as online commerce, intelligent transportation, healthcare and medicine, security, manufacturing, education, games, and various other industrial applications. All such fields produce and consume massive amount of big data, which include, for example, online commerce data (marketing data, customer reviews, customer relationship), transportation data (road sensors, cameras, GPS), and data about healthcare, social media, and various other applications. Deep learning techniques and big data techniques yield useful outputs in predicting, discovering and acquiring insights and deeper knowledge about events for better and efficient decision making. The groundbreaking technology of blockchain technology also enable decentralization, immutability, and transparency of data and applications. It has been exploited in modern research and industrial domains in order to achieve high level of trust, security and reliable execution of applications and data which are shared across a network of computers.

The joint international conference on AI, Big Data and Blockchain aims to enable synergy between these areas and to provide a leading forum for researchers, developers, practitioners, and professional from public sectors and industries in order to meet and share latest solutions and ideas in solving cutting edge problems in modern information society and economy. The conference comprises a set of tracks that focus on specific challenges in AI, big data and blockchain.

All papers accepted for this conference are to be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems series .

ABB 2023 is co-located with the FiCloud 2024 and MobiWis 2024 conferences.

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